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The RealTime Forms system enables you to instantly have access to your data without requiring your employees and service technicians to go through a major process change and extensive training.

No Scanning

RealTime Forms eliminates the need for scanning and creates a high quality PDF that automatically links to the appropriate customer, employee or accounting record.

Easy Customization

Anoto technology turns regular paper forms into digital forms from any document printed in your office on regular paper with a laser printer or ordered from most commercial printers.

Out of the Box

For a setup fee we can customize invoices and other forms or you can print your own. Free integrated docking software uploads the forms and attaches them to the record you want.

Secure Design

Impervious to Hacks

    RealTime Forms is impervious to viruses, malware, and hacking. The driver has no access to websites that could cause problems, nor can they waste time browsing social media, porn or gambling sites.
    No data is accessable if the digital pen or modem is lost or stolen. No passwords need to be reset or even remembered.
    The pen and modem have no value to a thief or pawnshop.

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Features of RealTime Forms

The RealTime Forms system enables your tech to arrive with your form prefilled on his device and add photos, more data or even charge the customers credit card in Real Time.

Real Time Forms - Your Forms

  The RealTime Forms system enables you to use your current processes and still go digital. You can use the same forms that you've spent years developing. However, now you don't have to wait on the driver to turn them in. You don't have to file them. You don't have to scan and index them.
    The driver does not have to learn a new program and you don't have to hire a new employee. A new employee hired to manage the installation and support of a bunch of new equipment. Equipment that needs to be replaced when it is dropped, lost, or stolen.

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Cloud Optimized

Cloud Optimized

    RealTime Forms has been hosting enterprise applications since 2000. . . long before the term "Cloud" had anything to do with computers. We are pioneers in the industry and know what it takes to do it right. We are US based, but operate world wide. Our support lines are answered 24x7 by qualified technicians. Yes, we even answer the phone on weekends!
    Hosting our applications in our state of the art facility means you do not have to worry about security, viruses, redundant power supplies, climate control and more. It also allows us to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

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World Wide Audience

World Wide Audience

    We have redundant systems with multiple tier-one ISPs to make it easier for your local Internet Service provider to connect to us.
    The RealTime Forms system is pretty basic and easy. You can print any document, write on it, and set up a work flow process in the sofware to put the form anywhere you want.
    RealTime Forms saves your business valuable time, reduces errors and even allows your customers to pay for your services through the form in Real Time. Streamline your data collection and allow RealTime Forms to increase your Bottom Line!

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What our clients say

Your satisfaction is our main goal, see what our customers have to say.

I cannot begin to thank you for your total devotion to City Wide. You strive for perfection with your product which is very rare in the industry today. I can honestly say that City Wide would not be where we are today if not for JaRay! We love you!

City Wide (New York, NY)

We chose Famhost and their RealTime Forms app because we wanted a custom-made, digital form. I researched over a dozen companies to find one that could deliver on my need to have an easy and simplified data entry process, but then have that information consolidate into a comprehensive report for my clients and the regulatory agencies I needed to report to.

Mike Stephens

This solution allows our field technicians to realize tremendous productivity gains without having to go through the learning curve typically associated with new technology. We've eliminated the problems associated with waiting for paperwork to be turned in.

Rita Campbell
Roto-Rooter (Witchita, KS)

Thank you so much for your help. All of us Roto-Rooter girls and Roto-Rooter techs appreciate you! THANK YOU!!!!!

Roto-Rooter (Mobile, AL)